Test Subject 2 Downloads

Here are the download links and instructions for manual installation.

Mod Download

Map Download

Sounds Download

Texture Pack Download

After you download All of the required files above, proceed to the instructions below.

If you can’t install it manually you can install the mod with one click using the installer app.

Get The Test Subject Installer App Here

 How To Install


First you need to move the map from your downloads folder into

“games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/” and then unzip it.

Next move the sounds file from your downloads folder into

“games/com.mojang/test_subject_2/” and unzip them

(you may need to create some folders).

Ok so you now have the map and sounds installed now it’s time for the mod and textures!

Go into Block Launcher and hit the wrench icon then go to launcher options and select the texture pack option.  Find the test subject 2 texture pack in your download folder and select it.

Great now the texture pack should be installed now lets install the mod itself.  Go ahead and hit that same wrench icon but his time select the manage modPE scripts options.  And import the test subject 2 mod located in your downloads folder.

Yay now your done! Go and enjoy being a test subject!

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